What Can RapidRex Do?

More than Rex can count on two hands. Here are a few of his top talents:

Build a view of the pages
on your website.

Identify response codes to surface issues. Find mischievous unintended redirects and broken pages.

Find and flag metadata issues.

Create a data profile on your site, similar to the one search engines see.

Find pages that contain certain text strings. Kind of like CTRL+F but for the entirety of any public website.

Bulk check keyword optimization across thousands of pages.

Plans and Pricing


Freemium Plan

$0 Forever


Yearly Pro Plan




Monthly Pro Plan




Freemium Plan

Pro Plan

Find Broken Links, Errors & Redirects
Analyze Page Titles & Meta Data
Review Robots & Directives
Audit hreflang Attributes
Discover Duplicate Pages 500 URLs Unlimited
Generate XML Sitemaps
Crawl Limit
Crawl Configuration
Save Crawls & Re-Upload
Custom Source Code Search
Custom Extraction
Google Analytics Integration
Search Console Integration
Rendering (JavaScript)
Custom robots.txt
Technical Support


Licenses last 1 year. After that, you will be
required to renew your license.

$0 Forever
Select Monthly Pro Plan
Select Monthly Pro Plan– or –

$154.99 $124.99/year
Select Yearly Pro Plan

RapidRex Wins the Race Against Other Crawlers

Unlike other SEO crawler tools, RapidRex saves data directly to your hard drive which keeps the crawl and your computer running fast even on huge websites.

Thoughtful interface design and hard-tested usability mean that you are using the tool in minutes, and benefiting from its advanced functionality faster than any other tool.

Powerful filtering and customizable display lets you build the views you need easily, right in the interface, without having to export data.

Set up to 10 custom text strings to search for in the crawl, and each page crawled gets a ‘yes/no’ flag for whether it contains the text.

The RapidRex executive summary provides clear and concise summary information in attractive reports that can be easily exported to PDF or screen captured.